Players areobliged to know Travelling Millionaire game rules. Penalty process of all TravellingMillionaire players are executed as if they have read, understand and agreewith the terms of Travelling Millionaire game rules. Being a new registeredperson or not knowing the rules are not accepted as an excuse for breaking therules. Travelling Millionaire Administration and Netmarble has right to changethe rules. Travelling Millionaire Administration apply rules and if seem necessary can change them.

General Rules;

If game rules don’t clarify some circumstances,players must contact Travelling Millionaire administration and wait for ananswer. İf it happens and rules need to be changed, rules will be changedshortly. Penalty process can be different from explanation below depending onjudgment of Travelling Millionaire administration.

Improper Chatting;

In Travelling Millionaire, using wordsfor abuse/insult, racist/political/ideological statements, praising bad habbits, rude/slang terms, violating laws of the Republic of Turkey are prohibited.

These rules also apply to messages sent to support system.

In case of violation;

1.Penalty; 1 week silence in the game,

2.Penalty; suspension for 7 day,

3.Penalty; suspension for 30 day,

4.Penalty; permanent ban.

Taking advantage of a gameerror (Bug, glitch, etc.)

After noticing an known or unknown ingame error which occurred for any reason, user must inform the Travelling Millionaire Administration immediately. Not informing, using error for advantage, sharing it with other players, publishing it in other platforms and actions like those will be seen as bad intended actions.

In case of violation;

1.Penalty; suspension for 7 day,

2.Penalty; suspension for 30 day,

3.Penalty; permanent ban.

Account selling/Account Sharing;

Selling, buying, trading an account orsuggesting any of these are prohibited in Travelling Millionaire.

If any one of these action detected/documented, the responsible user will get a penalty.

  • Penalty; permanent ban.

Unfair Competition

Depending on the measure of situation,the first penalty may be PERMANENT BAN.

Examples of unfair competition; morethan a player gain points for one account by sharing, players taking points by an agreement, losing games on purpose, etc.

1.Penalty; suspension for 1 day,+ Erasing Weekly Rating Points

2.Penalty; suspension for 7 day,+ Erasing Weekly Rating Points

3.Penalty; permanent ban.


In Travelling Millionaire, Game advertising or sharing a link of an agency or institute, trademark or product not belong to Netmarble with or without intention of profit is prohibited.

In case of violation;

1.Penalty; suspension for 1 day,

2.Penalty; suspension for 7 day,

3.Penalty; suspension for 30 day,

4.Penalty; permanent ban

Other Rules;

Usingfake identity; Players not announced by game staff must not introduce themselves as a gameadmin or officer of Travelling Millionaire, it is forbidden and those who doeswill get a penalty.

1.Penalty; suspension for 3 day,

2.Penalty; Suspension for 7 day,

3.Penalty; Suspension for 30 day,

4.Penalty; permanent ban
Account Security; Securityof accounts created in Travelling Millionaire is player’s responsibility. Netmarbleand Travelling Millionaire administration is not responsible for stolenaccounts or security failures. Also, players will be held responsible for the loss of their Facebook and Google accounts.

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